Law or Grace? Day 4


It's for freedom that Christ has set you free! Free from what?? The law which results in sin!



Slavery! God has set us free from the law of Moses! If we try to obey its commandments, we will find ourselves trapped resulting in slavery to sin! Grace frees us from trying so hard to please God. Grace is what empowers us to live the righteous life we have tried so hard to do on our own, but just couldn't!



In Galatians 5, Paul continues to talk about being free from the law and that we no longer are slaves to the law or to sin. A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough is referring to a little law! We cannot even live with a little bit of the law in our life, or it will produce slavery to it!

We do not receive favor, acceptance or approval from God based on our behavior. So does this mean we can go around sinning and hurting people? No, quite the opposite. Receiving acceptance based on faith in Christ empowers us to love, which is the fulfillment of the law and what Jesus set us up to do without all the effort of trying so hard!


Paul pleads in the book of Galatians to live in freedom, free from the law. A balance of law and grace does not work.