Law or Grace? Day 2


 Ever feel like your life is cursed by God? 


Today we are going to address why and how to get out from under it!


This is where I lived for many years. Today in this grace bible study of Galatians 2, we discover why we feel cursed and what to do about it!



How to get out from under the curse!

2009 was the lowest year of my life. We lost 4 homes in the market crash, filed for bankruptcy, brandon’s health was causing all kinds of problems. And our marriage was on the brink of divorce. It seemed no matter how hard I sought God, and even how alive He was in my life, it just didn’t seem to get better.


I felt like I was under a curse. I prayed and prayed hard for a good 10 years and 2009 was our bottom.


Today we are going to discover in Galatians 3 what the true cause of living like this stems from.

And I’m not saying that once you get this life will be perfect, but it does change our perception of everything. So that when faced with problems we learn how to overcome.

The way to get out from under the curse is to understand that God’s favor and blessing upon you are not dependent on your behavior but Jesus’ behavior! And the more you meditate on his full payment and forgiveness at the cross the more you can rest and receive his goodness in your life.