Joseph and Forgiveness

November 14, 2017 dpolla8

Joseph was like us. Many say he was a type and shadow of Jesus, and yes I can see that. But I can see even more that he was like us. Joseph had dreams, literally. God gave him dreams of his future. In his day, people gave more weight to dreams than today.


Much like me at 17, he was arrogant, and his brothers hated him. In their own insecurity, they wanted to kill Joseph, but instead, they sold him for money.


Joseph carried the favor of God on him. Well if he had so much favor than why did he end up in slavery, and in jail for so many years? Why were all those bad things happening?


Have you ever wondered why so many bad things are happening to you? Ever questioned the favor of God on you?


I believe Joseph spent a lot of time meditating on God and obtaining His wisdom. Gen 39:21 But the Lord was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love.


You can tell He has a relationship with God by his response when Pharaoh retrieves him to interpret his dream. “I’m not the one who can tell you what your dream means, only God Almighty can do that.” He’s humbled by this point.

When Joseph reveals who he is to his brothers, He says, “I am your brother whom you sold into slavery in Egypt. But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves. God sent me here to preserve your lives.


Joseph had all the power to pay his wicked brothers back and they knew it. They feared what would happen. They already felt God was punishing them.


But instead, he forgave them. He received love from God, and extended it to his brothers. He loved them without a grudge. They didn’t deserve forgiveness. They didn’t even ask for forgiveness. Joseph offers forgiveness and says don’t be angry with themselves.


Jesus said the only way the world will know He (Jesus) is real, is by our love for one another. Only when the church, the body of Christ comes into unity and love will they know God loves them too.

When Joseph sends them home to get their father he says this, “Don’t quarrel about all this along the way.”

He knew the nature of people is to complain and blame.


Today, I believe Jesus is saying the same to us. “Please don’t quarrel, or complain or hold grudges.”

He took all that for you. He forgave you, can you extend the same forgiveness? All your sins are wiped clean; can you wipe the slate clean for your loved ones? For your brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, leaders, friends?