January 2, 2017

Discover Confidence 1 – Grace Bible Study

January 2, 2017

Grace Bible Study – Discover Greatness through Grace

Discover Greatness through Grace


God created you for love, for passion, and purpose and it can only be discovered through grace.


Sometimes I think that we don’t feel worthy of the greatness that’s within us, that’s deep inside of us. We keep messing up and we just can’t seem to measure up. Sometimes I wonder if we’re really afraid to become who we really are because then we couldn’t hide anymore. Maybe we’re afraid that our secret sinful desires will be exposed. But what if who God created you to be, what if it’s greater than you could ever have imagined? That when you discovered this, beauty springs forth, and goodness and love. What if discovering who you really are eliminates the bad, the ugly, and undesirable attributes that we’ve all carried for so long.


And what if becoming amazing wasn’t such hard work?


This is my story: I grew up in Texas and got saved at 15  because I grew up in a home that didn’t go to church. We believed in God but was the typical American family. So when I got saved, I was so excited about Jesus! Because he changed my life! I mean I was born again and a new creation! I start telling everyone about the Lord.


Then I started going to church and start hearing some rules to follow: You shouldn’t wear short shorts, and make sure you don’t smoke or drink! And if you really want to be blessed, then you have to be good.


That’s the message that I was hearing and not one time do I remember them saying, “You are worthy and you were worth the price Jesus paid.” I don’t remember them ever saying, “You are righteous, just simply by believing in Him, because righteousness is a free gift.” I don’t remember hearing any of these things. I knew there was something about a New Covenant, but I didn’t really know what the Old and New Covenant really were.


A little history about me:


I grew up in Texas and got saved at 15. I was truly born again and super excited about Jesus! I told everyone I could about how good he is! Then I started going to church and learned that now that I’m saved I need to be a good little Christian so that God could bless me. I knew I was called to the ministry, went to bible school, and married a guy who wanted to go into the ministry too. But it just seemed like no matter how hard we tried, spending hours with the lord going to church and serving, our life just kept getting worse. Our marriage was failing, our finances were all out of wack, I was quite ugly to my kids, and even though I knew what God had called me to, I just couldn’t measure up.


And what’s really bad is that I thought it was God disciplining so that one day I would have great character and ready for ministry!


When I discovered grace, and how righteous I really am, the word started to make sense! I mean more than ever before! And everything started lining up! My marriage was healed, our finances healed, and the fruit of kindness toward my husband and kids are more natural. I still have moments of mess ups, but I don’t have to dwell on them. Grace set me free!


If you are still wondering what it is that God created you for, or maybe how to step into your destiny, walk with me through these studies and watch God unfold who he created you to be!

December 15, 2016

What’s God’s Will for My Life?

What’s God’s Will For My Life?

Ever wondered what God’s will is for your life? I did…for like 15 years of my saved life! And in most of that time, I wondered if I was ever going to fulfill his will, and call on my life. After discovering what it really is to walk in his will, I realized how much fear I really lived in, scared to step out without hearing God on just about every decision I needed to make. Sometimes when I didn’t hear his voice, I thought I just needed to wait on him.


Well it’s no wonder I didn’t go anywhere in those long 15 years!


It wasn’t until I really understood how righteous I really am, by simply believing in Jesus, that my interpretation of His will was all out of wack. Maybe you know that you are righteous, but for me, I really thought I was to obtain righteousness by being good. And I lived my life trying really hard to please God, and failing…a lot.


What receiving His righteousness does for us, is it solidifies in our hearts that we are already pleasing to the Father! Just the way we are! Because without Christ, our best efforts can never measure up. And with Christ, we have been completely cleansed, forgiven and now have a right standing (righteousness) with God! His righteousness is a free gift that we receive the moment we put our faith in Christ! It cannot be earned. So we can just rest and stop trying so hard!


As I began to meditate on this righteousness thing, I would sit at the piano with phrases and songs just overflowing! After years of trying to write and producing nothing, this was a big deal to me.


One day I told the Lord, “I would really like to record these songs. Lord, is it your will to record an album?” And you know what he said to me?


“Do you want to record an album?”


“Well, ya.”


“Then yes baby girl (that’s what he calls me sometimes) record your songs. My favor is with you. Just be who you are.”


Whoa…that just changed my whole perception of God’s perfect will. I was seeking permission, but he has already given us the Yes and Amen through Christ! He was waiting on me!


As I grew in this understanding of being completely righteous, regardless of my behavior, the Lord showed me that his will is less about what we do, and more about who we are becoming! His will is that we are transformed into the image of Christ! He created us for his image! Well what is his image? It’s love (another blog for another day).


God’s greatest desire for our life is that we discover who he really created us to be. And in discovering our truest identity, which is love, we are free to live out who he created us to be naturally. It was a natural response to start a church with my husband, because as we leaned into Jesus, he gave us his heart for the Bride.


We do not have to strive to find the perfect will of God for our life. All we have to do is abide in him, and walk out who we are.


Here’s my video talking more on this topic:

April 18, 2016

Where does confidence come from?

When I was a kid, and even as an adult, I was absolutely not confident. After giving my heart to Jesus, why was I still so insecure? For years I prayed, “Lord bring security to my heart! Why am I so insecure? Why can’t I just be ok?” I was always suspicious of my husband, and threatened when one of my best friends met a new friend. I didn’t want to live in that bondage, but I couldn’t seem to break free even though I prayed for years about the insecurity. But then security came with understanding the New Covenant, and what Jesus really did for me. This is what it looks like: Confidence is knowing God is for you no matter what you are going through, where you are or who you are around. Confidence is loving who God made you to be, with all your strengths and even knowing your weaknesses. Confidence is knowing God must have seen something in you worth dying for. Confidence is knowing who you are and not being moved, regardless of the circumstances surrounding. 

Security is the foundation for confidence, and can only be found as a place of refuge in knowing we are completely loved, completely forgiven and completely accepted by our Creator. As we meditate on the extravagance of what our God did for us by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, we become more and more secure in who He is and who He created us to be. This is where we find confidence. We cannot gain security from a significant other, our children or a job. If we find confidence in anything other than Christ, we can be shaken.

In looking to find security and confidence, there’s no reason to be ashamed. Desiring to be confident is a Godly ambition. Discovering how righteous we are in Christ is the foundation for confidence as we find that righteousness is a free gift and cannot be earned. That takes the pressure off us to perform to measure up and gives us confidence that He accepts us unconditionally, which results in us accepting ourselves unconditionally, and then accepting others unconditionally! Wow! Now that’s confidence!